Marzia Santori Reay
Jungian Analyst

Who I am

I am a qualified Jungian analyst. I offer a qualified form of psychological support to those who, at a crossroads in their lives, might find themselves having to face difficulties and obstacles that become a burden on their psychophysical wellbeing.

As a Jungian analyst, I will accompany you in the exploration of both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your own psyche by listening to your stories in a compassionate manner that refrains from both judgement and prejudice. Together we will look into your (waking or sleeping) dreams, images, music, drawings, phantasies and wishes to open up new paths of self-development.

Why Jungian analysis:
The way of individuation

Life can present challenges of different intensity and duration.  Sometimes, it can be hard to cope without some assistance and support of a different kind from what we can expect to receive from our family and friends, who play an active part in our dynamics and who are often involved with our lives. Instead, we may need a safe and unbiased space to which we can bring anything we want without having to worry about judgment and unwanted interference, or simply without worrying that others will be concerned about us.

In this space you will be given the opportunity to talk about anything that concerns you: whether it is something in the past or in the present, whether it is something about your innermost thoughts or about your relationship with others; whether it is about your waking thoughts or about your sleeping dreams, we will work together to search for new perspectives, new keys to yourself that will help you to sail through life with just the right amount of wind that you need to move through the sea of existence. You will be empowered to make this journey at your own pace and comfort, without any pressure to be or become something that you don’t want to become. We will follow the way of individuation.

Jung spoke of a process that he called individuation by which a person finds one’s own mission in life and recognises one’s own individual needs and values, whilst learning to live with one’s own past and innate tendencies.

I will accompany you on this journey in a gentle, person-centred approach that relies on your inner creativity and resilience to overcome your challenges and to fulfil your potential.

Contact me

Please contact me if you feel that you find yourself in one or more of the following situations, and feel that you could do with some support:

  • Relationship problems
  • Post-natal depression
  • Gender issues
  • Dislocation and identity issues
  • Difficulties in the workplace
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Life transitions in general
  • Bereavement
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout

  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of purpose
  • Parental issues
  • Change in career path
  • Eating disorders
  • Issues concerning sexuality


I offer private sessions to English speakers:

  • In the centre of Rome (metro Cavour)
  • In the province of Viterbo, in the town of Ronciglione
  • Remotely via Skype, Zoom, Facetime and other online meeting platforms

My background

I am a Jungian psychoanalyst member of the CG Jung Institute  and of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (

I trained in the UK and in Switzerland (until March 2018 at the Guild of Analytical Psychologists (GAP), then at the CG Jung Institute in Switzerland).

I worked in London in private practice as honorary counsellor at the Metanoia low-cost clinic and at the Enfield Women’s Centre, and as a psychodynamic psychotherapist[1] at the South London and Maudsley Hospital trust in the CIPTS unit in Croydon.

I have an Italian MSc-equivalent degree in Economics, and before opting for a change of career and vocation I worked in finance for 25 years. Since 2009 I have completed a 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training, and have embarked on the journey that has led me to become a Jungian analyst.

[1] Warning: the professional title of psychotherapist doesn’t apply in Italy, where I operate as a Jungian analyst only.

How I work

Ethics and confidentiality : Everything you decide to bring to the analytical sessions will be protected by the strictest privacy and confidentiality. I choose to abide by my training organisation’s as well as by my professional association code of ethics, respectively: the  CG Jung Institute codes of ethics IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology

First meeting : I suggest that we have a first meeting, to exchange information and to get a feeling of whether we could work together, as I believe that the quality and depth of the relationship is central to the therapeutic work. Contact me via email or by phone to book a first session.

Sessions : Each session lasts 50 minutes, unless we agree otherwise.  I advise a frequency of at least once a week but we can discuss this at our first meeting.

Fees are negotiable according to individual circumstances and needs, and will be discussed during our first meeting.

Languages : Sessions are offered in English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Contact me on 370 154 9259, or fill in the form below and click Send.

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